******Bankruptcy Judge Rules AGAINST Bradley******

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FDIC Objects to Bradley's attempt to Discharge $73 Million in Debt

Many Thanks to all who used this website to contact the FDIC!!

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Gary Bradley Will Not Get Away With Taking $73 Million from the Taxpayers to Build Circle C


Dear Citizen, Taxpayer and Friend of Austin:

            If you are like most folks, you pay your taxes and your debts, even when it‘s not easy.  Sadly, some folks don‘t take that approach.  Austin developer Gary Bradley has filed for personal bankruptcy, seeking to erase the $73 million he currently owes to the federal government.  Most of this sum is owed to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the taxpayer-backed insurer of our banks. 

           On February 13, 2003, the FDIC filed an objection to Bradley's attempt to erase his debt. Many citizens have taken advantage of the information available on this website to contact the FDIC. We thank all of you who took the time to see that our Federal government does everything possible to recover the many millions of dollars we are owed by Bradley.

The FDIC did not make claims that Bradley committed fraud in securing the loans he later defaulted on, debt which is now owed to the FDIC.

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FDIC Board Members:
James Gilleran
Donald Powell
John Hawke, Jr
John Reich

Inspector General of the FDIC

 FDIC Attorney Sam Taylor



Lloyd Doggett

Ron Paul

Lamar Smith


How Bradley is a Menace to Barton Springs

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  Court Document Alleging Fraud

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Gary Bradley is depicted above shredding the citizen-approved Save Our Springs Ordinance, just after the Texas Supreme Court upheld the SOS Ordinance's constitutionality and applicability. Bradley lobbied directly to the State Legislature for loop-hole legislation to avoid complying with the local law.